The Nano Membrane Toilet

Treating human waste onsite without external energy or water.

In the media

The sections below contain references to the Cranfield toilet project within the local, national and global media.

Innovative clean water technologies -

Clean fresh water is scarce throughout much of the world with as many as 2.1 billion people lacking safe drinking water at home. And climate change is adding to the stress. These innovations could help.

These new toilets could solve a global problem - National Geographic

A TOILET IS like a "super vaccine," says Doulaye Kone of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Reinventing Toilets to Change the World - OpenMind

Since the second half of the nineteenth century, humans have been enjoying the toilet more or less in the form as we know it today.

How Poop-Eating Worms Could Help Save Thousands Of Lives Each Year - The Huffington Post

People are dying worldwide because they lack something most in developed countries take completely for granted.

Why do billions of people still lack basic sanitation? - BBC News

Hi-tech loos that use little or no water and can recycle waste products safely and sustainably promise to give billions of people around the world access to much-needed sanitation. So why do so many still lack this basic amenity?

What is World Toilet Day and why is it important?

Can you imagine life without having access to a toilet? World Toilet Day may seem trivial to many but 4.5 billion people around the globe lack access to a safe toilet. The UN has called for this to change by 2030 as part of its Sustainable Development Goals. 19th November 2018

Public toilets : a major issue of cleanliness in major cities

The world Day of toilets on 19 November highlights the public health challenge in developing countries. In our cities, it becomes a challenge to ecological and economic addressed by researchers and start-ups.

Les Echos 19th November 2018

Bill Gates on World Toilet Day: Why the world needs a "better, clever toilet"

Others generate their own power, like the Cranfield nanomembrane toilet. Opening or closing its lid moves a screw that separates liquids from solids.

COFEK 19th November 2018

World Toilet Day 2018: These 6 toilets could change the world

These six toilets have developed by California Institute of Technology, University of South Florida, Cranfield University, Duke University, Helbing and Janicki.

Zee 19th November 2018

Bill Gates is so obsessed with redesigning the world's toilets — he brought a jar of poop onstage in Beijing to prove it

Another toilet from Cranfield University in the UK comes equipped with a little trap-door odour barrier and scraper so that it requires no water for flushing.

Business Insider South Africa 18th November 2018

Wall Street Journal

Flush With Ideas: Bill Gates Pursues the Toilet of the Future; Bill Gates once had the bold idea to design software for the personal computer. Now his foundation is out to shake up the sanitation system through off-the-grid toilets.

How Does Bill Gates' Ingenious, Waterless, Life-Saving Toilet Work?

In Beijing today, Bill Gates spoke at a conference with a fantastic name: the Reinvented Toilet Expo.

Popular Mechanics 6th November 2018

Bill Gates is obsessed with redesigning the world's toilets - and he just brought a container of poo onstage to prove it

Bill Gates holds up a beaker of human feces at the Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing on November 6, 2018.

Business Insider UK 16th November 2018

Bill Gates backs China's toilet revolution

As one of the world's richest men and most active philanthropists, Bill Gates usually has his hands full. Just not with poop.

The Economic Times 6th November 2018

Why Bill Gates brought a beaker of poop to a gathering in China

On a stage in Beijing, Bill Gates took out a beaker of yellowish-brown fluid and put it on a nearby podium.

Quartz 6th November 2018

Bill Gates, on China trip, lauds free trade - and futuristic toilets

U.S. billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates unveiled on Tuesday in Beijing a futuristic toilet that doesn’t need water or sewers and uses chemicals to turn human waste into fertilizer.

Reuters 6th November 2018

Why Bill Gates thinks toilets are important

Nigerians think toilets are a necessary evil . Actually Nigerians don’t think about toilets, it is not a priority. So it is a bit of a surprise that toilets are so important to one of the richest men in the world.

XYZ News 13th November 2018

Why Did Bill Gates Give A Talk With A Jar Of Human Poop By His Side?

It's not every day that one of the world's richest men walks on stage carrying a jar of human feces, but that's precisely what Bill Gates did in Beijing on Tuesday.

KUCB 10th November 2018

Waterless toilets and hydrogen-powered HGVs: The best green innovations of the week

Despite the fact that water and sanitation sit at the core of sustainable development, the Centres for Disease Control estimate that more than 780 million people worldwide are without access to water that is safe to bathe in or to drink. 9th November 2018

Check Out This Genius New Toilet That Has Been Funded By Bill Gates

Bill Gates spoke at a conference in Beijing today named the Reinvented Toilet Expo. Founder of Microsoft took with him a sealed jar of human feces to the expo.

Wonderful Engineering 11th November 2018

Bill Gates: the world deserves better toilets

In this article, Bill Gates wants to explore "new toilets in the future." Environmental sanitation is a major area of ​​concern for the Bill Gates Foundation. 6th November 2018

Why the world deserves a better toilet

I just traveled halfway around the world to look at a toilet. 5th November 2018

Nano Membrane Toilet team scoop world water innovation awards

The team behind Cranfield University’s Nano Membrane Toilet have won two awards at the 2018 International Water Association (IWA) Project Innovation Awards in Tokyo.

Cranfield team win international award for Nano Membrane Toilet WWT 27th September

A team from Cranfield University who developed the Nano Membrane Toilet has been recognised with two awards at the 2018 International Water Association (IWA) Project Innovation Awards in Tokyo. Awarded biennially at the IWA World Water Congress, the Project Innovation Awards recognise and promote excellence and innovation in water management, research and technology.

WWT 27th September 2018

Anglian, Severn Trent and Waterwise among innovation prizewinners

Anglian Water, Severn Trent Water, Waterwise and Cranfield University were among the UK winners of the IWA Project Innovation Awards 2018, presented last week in Tokyo. The awards comprise six categories, each recognising global excellence in a distinct aspect of water innovation – from breakthroughs in research to innovations in governance. 23rd September 2018

18 Winners at the 12th IWA Project Innovation Awards

London: International Water Association has issued the following press release: At the 2018 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, the water sector celebrated innovation and vision in the industry with a gala ceremony for the 18 winners of the six categories of the IWA Project Innovation Awards.

Premium Official News 19th September 2018

IWA Awards: Recognizing excellence in global water sustainability

With 71 years of history in bridging science and technology with other sectors, the International Water Association is committed to recognizing the special contributions and achievements of its members and water sector professionals.

Japan Times 14th September 2018

The Nano Membrane Toilet was featured in Issue 105 of the magazine “How it Works”.

In July 2016 the Nano Membrane Toilet was featured on the Italian TV show “Superquark"

The Nano Membrane Toilet was one of the projects for which Cranfield was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize.

"Cranfield a clear winner with its world-class water project", From The Times.
From Water & Wastewater International

On Facebook a number of high-profile pages shared the story, most notably a popular science page, where the post has over 36,000 likes, over 11,000 IFLS-nano-membrane-toiletshares and over 1,400 comments

The description in the article is inaccurate, but we were delighted that our toilet featured in this series

A number of articles in 2016 highlighted the potential of the Nano Membrane Toilet

The Nano Membrane Toilet was featured in a piece entitled "the National Blockage" about sanitation in India in the "Dirty Furniture" Magazine in October 2016.

Bill Gates is backing a revolutionary waterless toilet - here's how it works, from
Bill Gates is backing a revolutionary waterless toilet -- here's how it works, from
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"Scientists are flushed with success: sunshine to replace the need to wash clothes, while toilets will no longer need water", from South China Morning
Waterless toilet turns waste into clean water and power, from CNN
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This Nanotech Toilet Uses No Water And Produces Energy From Human Waste, from Science et Vie
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Generates energy and save water: so is the toilet Bill Gates, from Malavida
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Green Toilet Turns Waste into Electricity and Clean Water, Jetson Green
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Waterless toilet uses nanotechnology to treat waste, banish smells, from
Nanotechnological waterless toilet being developed by scientists, from
This new waterless toilet can turn human waste into power, from
New super toilet could charge your phone while you poop, from
This power-generating 'super-toilet' doesn’t need mains water and can charge your phone, from
Inexpensive waterless toilet turns waste into clean power, from
Nanomembrane toilets could be part of solving Safe Sanitation for more than 2.3 billion people, from
Cheap, waterless toilet that turns waste into clean water and power to be trialed in Africa, from
The Waterless Toilet That Can Charge Your Phone, from
Africa: Focus On Gender - Three Ways New Toilet Will Help Women particularly highlights the benefits to women. From
Groundbreaking waterless toilet could help millions who lack access to plumbing, from
Cheap, waterless toilet heads for African trial, from
This Nano Membrane Toilet could solve the world's sanitation crisis - and charge our phones, from

Interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

On August 16th 2015 Alison Parker was interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire as part of a "Naked Scientists" live episode about disgust. It’s now available as a podcast, and will later be broadcast on BBC Radio 5 Live and on other stations throughout the world including the ABC (Australia), Primedia (South Africa), Talk Radio Europe and Radio New Zealand.

Interview on BBC 3 counties radio

Fast forward to 1.48.44 to hear Alison Parker.

ABC Sydney featured The Nano Membrane Toilet on the Evenings 17/03/2015

ScienceDirect, December 2014

Membrane technology plays key role in waterless hygienic toilet, Dr Alison Parker.

Bowled Over by Toilet Technology - By Willie D. Jones Posted 19 Nov 2013

The description in the article is inaccurate, but we were delighted that our toilet featured in this series

E&T, December 2012

Nano Membrane Toilet team member Prof Rob Dorey was interviewed by the Institute of Engineering and Technology about the project; their interview appears in December’s issue of E&T.

Australia Water Association, Sept 2012

The Australian Water Association Membranes and Desalination Specialist Network newsletter featured an article on the membrane elements of the Nano Membrane Toilet.

Clean Tech magazine, Issue 6, 2012

Clean Tech magazine described the Nano Membrane Toilet.