The Nano Membrane Toilet

Treating human waste onsite without external energy or water.

Meet the team

Below you will find a list of people who make a contribution to the Cranfield toilet project.

Dr Sean Tyrrel is the overall Project Manager.

Dr Alison Parker is responsible for collaborations and communications, as well as leading the work on user perspectives. All general enquiries should be addressed to her.

Dr Ewan McAdam leads the development of the dewatering components of the toilet.

Edwina Mercer works on the membrane integration.

Dr Chris Walton works on odour characterisation.

Dr Athanasios Kolios leads on the energy components as well as the technology qualification.

Dr Tosin Onabanjo will be testing the gasifier.

Dr Dawid P. Hanak leads the process modelling and feasibility assessment activities.

Dr Leon Williams leads on the toilet design.

Matt Collins will be working on the prototype.

Mr Ross Tierney works on the overall design of the toilet.

Jake Larsson works on the flush component of the toilet.

Kostas Kentrotis works on preparing the material for the gasifier.

Farhad Kamranvand is working on the membrane component.

Prof Vasilije Manovic will be advising on the integration of components.

Dr Dani Barrington will be leading the field testing of the toilet.

We’re also really grateful for the contribution of our former team members.

Dr Aine Gormley

Dr Aine Gormley worked on the user perspectives.

Dr Ben Martin

Dr Ben Martin worked on the membrane selection and optimisation.

Eloy Perez Lopez

Eloy Perez Lopez project managed the energy components.

Dr Matthew Pearce

Dr Matthew Pearce worked on the dewatering screw.

Muneerah Zainodin

Muneerah Zainodin worked on the flush component of the toilet.

Dr Paul Jones

Dr Paul Jones worked on the development of the briquette coatings.

Prof Rob Dorey

Prof Rob Dorey led the development of the briquette coatings.

Dr Chih-Ying (Karen) Wang

Dr Chih-Ying (Karen) Wang worked on membrane sizing.

Prof Bruce Jefferson

Prof Bruce Jefferson advised on the dewatering components of the toilet.

Rory Hooper

Rory Hooper advised on the toilet design.

Prof. Elise Cartmell

Prof. Elise Cartmell was the Project Director, responsible for resourcing.

Dr Peter Cruddas

Dr Peter Cruddas worked on the screw feed, odour and user perspectives.

Dr Kumar Patchigolla evaluated the energy produced by the gasifier.

Dr Beatriz Fidalgo Fernandez supervised the gasifier tests.

Dr Stuart Wagland worked on the gasifier fuel characterization.

Dr Nelia Jurado Pontes was designing the gasifier.

Hacer Arslan worked on the membrane fouling.

Dr Olivier Autin worked on the membrane fouling.