The Nano Membrane Toilet

Treating human waste onsite without external energy or water.

Meet the team

Below you will find a list of people who make a contribution to the Cranfield toilet project.

Prof Sean Tyrrel is the overall Project Manager.

Dr Alison Parker is responsible for collaborations and communications, as well as leading the work on user perspectives. All general enquiries should be addressed to her.

Dr Ewan McAdam leads the development of the dewatering components of the toilet.

Dr Ying Jiang leads the integration of the back end components.

Prof Paul Jeffrey is a Project Coordinator.

Dr Leon Williams leads on the toilet design.

Matt Collins will be working on the prototype.

Dr Anju Toolaram is working on the field testing.

Dr Tosin Onabanjo will be developing a micro-combustor.

Dr Richard Adams is working on the business model.

Dr Mariale Moreno is working on the business model.

Aude Commenges is working on the macerator.

Farhad Kamranvand is working on the membrane component.

Dr Kristin Ravndal is working on the testing of the toilet.

Dr Jerry Luo leads on thermoelectric recovery.

Jan Hennigs is working on the testing of the toilet.
Connor Hart

Connor Hart is working on testing the screw.

Dr Bhavin Engineer is working on the mechanical and production design of the ‘front-end’.

Dr Pedro Talaia is working on the control of the interactions between the different components.

Dr Chris Davey is working on separating water from contaminated urine.